Teenager’s First Date

Showing up on time
Is the easy part.

The dashboard of
His rented car
Free of dust,
Vacuumed carpets
And a lemon smelling
Tag dangling from
The rear view mirror.

One more look
In the sun-visor
Mirror, an angled glance
At the straggly sideburns.

Fly firmly zipped.

Spitting on his closed
Index fingers,
He drags them along
The creases of
His black pants.

He pulls out a hanky
To hoe-shine the tips
Of his eager shoes.

Gently tugging
The bottom of his red tie,
He firmly wrestles
With the knot
To shield the
Top button from
Strangers looking
For flaws.

He opens his sport coat,
Tilting his nose
Into the dark corners
Of both arm pits.

He turns off the
Impatient ignition,
Opens the door,
And looks up at
The scoop of a moon
Glancing down at
The familiar.


One Response to Teenager’s First Date

  • John…I love it. Nice to know what it was like on the “other” side….now, we have to have someone write the female perspective….:o)

    Love it…brought back memories.

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