A Recovery Journey

A Recovery Journey is a series of books for those who are either beginning or continuing to be on a  journey of mental, psychological, and spiritual growth; it is a broad, comprehensive approach to our daily struggles with mental and emotional well-being, including, but not limited to, alcohol/addiction recovery.

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Book 1: Beginnings


Recovery-web-1 In this first of the three books, A Recovery Journey, Marohn vividly describes his first awakening, fox-hole moment of surrender.

Over time, through long-term counseling and peer-group recovery meetings, the author began to uncover some of the psychological themes underlying so many of his dysfunctional behaviors: to acquire knowledge as power; to seek refuge in religion; to live in a world of fantasy and high drama; to believe that life was to be fatalistically endured.

The author’s continuous self-examination journey led him to own up to his escapist world of one-night stands and chronic resentments and fears.




Book 2: Psychological & Spiritual Issues


Recovery-web-2 In this second volume, the author focuses on the psychological and spiritual changes he continues to experience in his life-long awakening and recovery journey.

Over time, because of his connection to others, he was able to surrender many of his grand-narrative fantasies, his belief that social and professional roles defined his identity, and to distinguish between an irrational and rational fear.

That surrender enabled the author to write his first novel in which one of the characters opened him up even more to a world of forgiveness he never thought was possible. Happiness, he also discovered, was the end result of connecting to others.



Book 3: Philosophical & Cultural Issues


Recovery-web-3 In this third volume, the author looks at the broad philosophical and cultural issues that continue to influence his daily-recovery and mental-health journey.

Marohn begins with his observations about the self-created illusions, the deceptions, that lie beneath the surface of our consciousness when we believe that accumulating experiences is the answer, that financial security comes with a warranty, or that immortality is guaranteed. He challenges the “grace” believers by suggesting that the divinity-within school is a more powerful model of growth.

Doubt, Marohn believes, can lead to greater psychological maturity, in addition to paring down our life styles and relying on our own experiences.